Interviews & Awards


Rodney E. Freeman. (Forthcoming). Are you A Librarian? : The Untold Story of Black Librarians.

Association of Canadian Archivists (February 15, 2024). A Spotlight on Community Archives with Melissa J. Nelson: Black Memory Collective.

Daysha Loppie (February 14, 2024). As of 2021 There Were Only 20 Black Archivists In All Of Canada. Here’s Why We Need More.

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Archives Association of Ontario. (Fall 2023). Membership Spotlight — Melissa J. Nelson. Off the Record.

Sean Smith (July 12, 2023). Collective Healing in our Black Archives. InsideOPS.

Charmaine A. Nelson (December 1, 2022). Black Maple Magazine. The Scholar’s Couch: Melissa J. Nelson.

Shawn Graham ( January 11, 2021). Archiving Hate — An Interview with archivist Melissa J. Nelson. The View From The 4th Floor Paterson, Fresh Snow(4).


2023        New Professional Award, Association of Canadian Archivists

2023         Ancestry Award, Association of Canadian Archivists