Black Memory Collective

The Black Memory Collective is a community for Black archivists, memory workers, and researchers in Canada. Our mission is to ignite positive futures through collectively preserving, remembering, and imagining otherwise. 

The story behind its creation dates back to 2020, when I graduated from McGill University with a Master of Information Studies. I felt compelled to seek community after witnessing a lack of diversity in my cohort. According to the 2021 census from Statistics Canada, Black people make up less than 1% of the total number of working archivists in Canada. 

In 2022, I launched my podcast, Archives & Things, as a way of connecting with Black people who create, work with, and care for Black archives in Canada. I discovered a vibrant and diverse community, but I often found my interviewees were unaware of each other’s work. I felt a deep need to bring people together. 

I founded the Black Memory Collective in 2023 to create a network and build a community of practice around Black memory work. The founding members are based in locations across the country. I brought them together through my work on Archives & Things. This collective is part of a larger movement to reclaim, recognize, and celebrate Black memory and imagine Black futurities.

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