This post is a “Reflexive Journal” entry written to fulfill the requirements for GLIS 649 Digital Curation. It reflects on our Wikipedia lecture and workshop that took place on January 30, 2018. This course was offered as part of Master of Information Studies (MISt) at McGill University.

Before this lecture, It had never occurred to me that Wikipedia was a powerful source of information. My education had conditioned me to dismiss Wikipedia as unreliable, and assume that it had no real effect on public knowledge. However, globally Wikipedia is the fifth-most frequently used site on the internet.[1] It attempts to accumulate “the sum of all human knowledge” by giving its users the power to construct and maintain its content. Much like other information resources, Wikipedia has been disproportionately written through the perspective of Western, white, cisgendered, males.[2][3][4] As a result, the content on Wikipedia has suffered from systemic bias and misinformation. All of which has been consumed by a broad audience.[5]

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