Saying Goodbye To HIST3907o

Saying Goodbye To HIST3907o

The end of the school year has arrived, and my journey with HIST3907o is officially over. I am sad to say goodbye, I have grown so much with this course and there are still so many things I hope to learn about digital history. I am grateful for all the assistance and guidance Dr. Shawn Graham has provided me with. Thanks to him, this course exposed me to an aspect of history which was previously little known to me. It opened me up to a world where history has so many possibilities. I have learned that technology has, and can, be used to conduct history and explore subjects which would not have existed without the Internet, and the tools which came with it. Now that I have a basic understanding of how to conduct digital history, I look forward to exploring subjects of my own, and hope to make use of the tools and concepts I have learned to manipulate big data for my own projects. My digital history journey does not end here, this is only the beginning for me.

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