Module Module 1 Exercise 4: Fork And Contribute On GitHub

Module Module 1 Exercise 4: Fork And Contribute On GitHub

Following the instructions, I successfully forked the who-we-are repository, cloned it to my desktop, made the appropriate changes to the template file. I included a link to my Twitter page, Open-Notebook- and blog, then made a pull request so that my information could be included in the original repository. I did not have any difficulty with this exercise, I find Github easier to use and make sense of since completing the Git-It tutorial. Practicing forking and making pull requests in the Git-It tutorial was extremely helpful for completing this exercise.  This exercise was good practice for writing with Markdown, and for navigating and contributing to Github. For my file, which was added to the repository, I also included an Adventure Time GIF that I really like. I wonder if there is a way to post GIFs and videos to stream directly on your Github page.

Side note: Github has some useful tips on writing in Markdown here.


Here you can see a partial list of the merged pull requests which were created by other students in my class who completed this exercise, my file is highlighted.

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