Module 2 Exercise 4.1: Scraping Data With Wget

Module 2 Exercise 4.1: Scraping Data With Wget

Wget is a Tool for Downloading Internet Sources

The purpose of this Programming Historian Exercise was to help me get a sense of how to use wget to download a specific set of files, and how to download internet sources by creating a mirror of an entire website. For this exercise I decided to complete the section: “Step Two: Learning about the Structure of Wget – Downloading a Specific Set of Files.” In this exercise I ran wget through the command line to download the papers located in the active history website under the “features” tab. I was introduced to a series of useful commands for wget:

  • -r means that the wget program should follow the links from the website and download them too ex: while scraping data from active history wget will follow any links on its page including links to an external website and download data from there as well
  • --no parent or -np means wget should follow the links on active history but not go beyond the parent directory ex: only download data from links that are part of active history domain
  • -l 2 command is used to tell wget to follow a specific link and one page beyond the initial page provided
  • w 10 adds a 10 sec wait between server requests, also --random-wait command for websites whose terms of service do not mention a policy on automated downloading, and may have steps to prohibit automated downloading built into website. This command will vary the wait time.
  • --limit-rate=20k command limits the bandwidth you will use in download, so that you do not use up too much of server’s bandwidth, sets max download speed to 20kb/s

wget[command][http://URL/] this is the general command structure for wget. where the / symbol must be added to the end of a URL to tell wget that it is finding a directory and NOT a file. So these commands were combined to tell wget:

wget -r --no-parent -w 2 --limit-rate=20k

And success! The files were downloaded and I now have a wget-activehistory folder on my desktop.


Use Wget to Mirror an Entire Website

If I want to try the mirror command for wget in the future I must use -m to tell wget to download an entire site. An example of a full mirror command would be wget -m -w 2 --limit-rate=20k


If data is arranged in a directory wget is very useful for retrieving data or for mirroring an entire website.


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