Module 1 Exercise 3: Creating A Personal GitHub Repository

So for this exercise, I created an “open-notebook-” repository on my online GitHub, but I needed to sync it to my GitHub desktop. I ran into a problem while trying to do this. My GitHub desktop was stuck on “tutorial” mode and would let me add branches and would save that work, but would not let me exit tutorial and show me my files even though I was logged in. I had completed the tutorial, and turned to Google for help to see if anyone else had this issue but I couldn’t find a solution for it. So I asked Dr. Graham for help. He helped me clone my “open-notebook-” file to my GitHub desktop and told me that I can still work on the system without getting rid of the tutorial repository. We tested it out by creating file with the commit message “working with Dr. Graham,” synced the file and saw that it went to my online GitHub so the Local and Remote repositories are connected.

How to Screenshot: Dr. Graham also showed me how to screenshot on Mac, which I didn’t know I could do. To do this press [Command][Shift][4] and then save the screenshot to a repository by dragging image from desktop to Finder and then save changes. Then on GitHub desktop, commit to Master then sync to get image in Local and Remote repository. We tested this out with the screenshot “First Commit” and it sent to my remote repository successfully.

Notational Velocity Alt (nvALT): I had a problem with this app when I started using it. I recorded my activities for Exercise 1 Dillinger and Exercise 2 gh-page Demo in nvALT under “open-notebook-” but then when I went to commit and sync my changes in the Github desktop my notes did not appear instead it looked like:

So I asked Dr. Graham for more help, and he wasn’t sure what had happened that made my notes come out that was in GitHub desktop. Then he found out that my nvALT was under downloads instead of applications and that it was saving my notes incorrectly and that caused it to display incorrectly on GitHub desktop. Instead of my notes, nvALT was saving “Interim Note-Changes” and “Notes & Settings” to my repository. He helped me move nvALT to the correct location and now my notes save properly to my repository.

Side Note: I had trouble getting images to show on the online GitHub in my file notes. When I looked online I could not find an example that showed how to add a link for an image that is saved to your computer rather than posted on a website. I had to ask for help on Slack and both Dr. Graham and Kathryn Greenan suggested that I check that the images I wanted in my text were saved to the same file. I checked, and I have my images and notes saved to the same file under Module 1. Then Laurel Rowe told me that the issue was that the pathway to my image was referring to the location of the image in my personal files, but in order for it to appear on github it needs the be changed to the location of the image on github. Good to know, the image must have an existing location inside Github in order to show the image in a seperate file. My conversation with Laurel is below:



Dr. Graham showed me another way I can add images to my online Github by using the simple code: ![image-label](image-file-name.png) So this way I can add the file without showing the directory path. I am going to add a screenshot here of our conversation to remind myself how to add images this way. Also for notes on Terminal commands and how to pull changes to GitHub Desktop click here.




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